Rats and Spears

Rats and Spears 1.1

Rats and Spears: You are three click away from tons of fun!!
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You are three click away from tons of fun!!
This is ans easy, real fun, rat performed, crazy strange world, online game. The rats are having fun in this cool completely bizarre game. You will see rats everywhere in this game. A rat who throws the spears. A bunch of rats with balloons marking the distance of your shoot. A measuring rat with a balloon which will always tell you how long exactly you threw those spears, and even a rat reporter will apear every time you set a new record!!!

Unlike what you think, this is a really hard but not impossible game. The records are set in 60 but it not so easy to throw that distance, but as I said, it is not impossible to do it or even more.

You can also submit your top distance to their online top scorers chart so you may know who is the farthest distance spear thrower in town.

Rats and Spears is really a great game for anyone, from kids to adults. No matter the age, is a sure thing you will have a great time, just remember, you are three click away from tons of rat fun!!

Gener Vázquez
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